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If you need to punch holes in large amounts of paper there is nothing like a paper drill. Rather than standard punches which usually push a sharp die through the paper, these machines use a hollow bit that drills its way through paper. This allows you to create holes in literally hundreds of sheets of paper at a time. There is no faster way to punch your documents with either a 3-hole or 2-hole pattern. In fact, you can even create other hole patterns. However, choosing a paper-drill can be somewhat difficult. Here are five things to keep in mind when you are looking.
The Number of Spindles: These machines work much like a drill press. Single spindle models are capable of producing a single hole at a time. If you want to produce more than one hole at a time, you will need a model that has multiple spindles. A two spindle machine will offer more than twice the productivity that a single spindle models offers (you save the set up time as well as the drilling time).

The Maximum Drilling Thickness: Different models are capable of drilling through different thicknesses of paper. The heavier duty the machine, the more paper that it will be able to handle at one time. When looking for a machine it is a good idea to look for one that can handle 2" or more of paper at one time.

Drill Control: Many models are manual and require you to pull a handle or use a pedal to lower the bits through the paper. This type of machine works well but can be a little bit tricky to operate. If you bring the bit down too quickly or with too much force it is easy to ruin the bit. As an alternative, electric and hydraulic paper models are capable of applying even pressure through the process and do not require physical force to bore through the paper. Although electric models are much easier to use, it is still easy to wear out the bit quickly if bit wax is not used and the bits are not sharpened regularly.

Drill Bit Availability: Different sized bits are available to produce different sized holes in your paper. However, not all drills are capable of handling all bits. If you are going to need to produce non standard sized holes you will want to find a model that is capable of handling all the different sized holes that you are looking for.

Size: These machines are available as either counter top units or floor standing units. Counter top or desk top units are much smaller but are not usually as heavy duty. Floor standing units are ideal for print shops and production environments but they require more space and more power.
These are five simple things to look for when evaluating different paper drills that are available on the market. Look for these things when you shop for a drilling machine for your organization.

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